Oxidor Laboratories

"When Quality Matters"

Environmental Chemical Analysis

It is an axiom that the analytical results obtained in the laboratory can never be more reliable than the sample upon which the tests are performed.  It may be safely stated that more results are in error because of inadequate sampling than because of faulty laboratory techniques. 


Composite and grab wastewater sampling services for industries and municipalities are performed as required by NPDES permits, Pretreatment Programs, City Ordinances, and in-house auditing programs.  Time paced, flow paced, event paced, sequential, or single/multi-part grab sampling can all be done by our experienced technicians.


Stormwater sampling services are conducted for industries and municipalities as required by the TCEQ General Permit.  For many of our customers, technicians are on 24 hour standby to collect stormwater samples according to the requirements of the MSGP.  For customers with locations outside our on-call service area, sampling kits are provided.  These kits are returned once the samples are collected.