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Oxidor Laboratories offers our employees the opportunity to choose from a variety of flexible benefit plans designed to meet individual and family needs.

Eligibility for the following benefits may depend on employment status, physical location, and years of service with the company.

Benefit options include:

Health Care Plans

Oxidor offers employees the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive health insurance. Health insurance packages can include:

Life and Other Financial Protection Insurance

Oxidor offers you and your family the protection you need in the event of illness, disability, or death. Insurance options can include:


Oxidor wants to help employees manage their money and save for the future. We offer several programs that can help build financial security, including:

Time Off

Paid time off may be offered to Oxidor employees in the following situations:


The information on this Web site offers only a brief overview of the benefit plans available to Oxidor employees. A description of the benefit provisions, conditions and limitations is provided to employees in the Benefits Summary. Plans having these programs and features also have exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits, and terms under which the plans and policies may be continued in force or discontinued. In the event of a conflict between this Web site and the plan documents or policies, the plan documents or policies will govern. The Company has the right to amend or terminate these benefits at any time.